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Digital Cinema package transmission over wireless IP networks

Publication typeConference paper
Year of publication2008
AuthorsPaolo Micanti, Fabrizio Frescura, and Giuseppe Baruffa
TitleDigital Cinema package transmission over wireless IP networks
Conference nameIEEE International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems 2008 (ISWCS’08)
DateOctober 2008
PlaceReykjavik, Iceland
ISSN number
ISBN number978-1-4244-2488-7
Key wordsDigital Cinema, JPWL, MXF, Wireless Networks
AbstractIn this paper we present a method for the quasi-reliable transfer of Digital Cinema (DC) content over packet-lossy IP networks, such as wireless networks. By employing the MXF (Material eXchange Format) encapsulation, and with a judicious use of data backups and compressed frames Forward Error Correction (FEC), we show that visual artefacts due to packet losses are virtually cancelled, and decoder crashes can be avoided. DC video content adopts JPEG 2000 for image coding; in this standard, an extension, called JPEG 2000 for wireless (JPWL), is provided to combat codestream (i.e., compressed image) errors. For audio, a PCM format is used. By transmitting (reliably) a small amount of MXF keys and ancillary data backup, the video and audio datastreams can be received with a negligible amount of distortion.
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