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Welcome to the new Home Page of the Digital Signal Processing Laboratory at the Department of Engineering (DI) of the University of Perugia, Italy.

This is going to be a one-stop portal for all the activities (research, projects, teaching) involving our personnel. The site is up since January 2007, after a couple of years of "pause"; it will be refilled with the old contents, if available, and gradually enriched with new ones. You can browse either the left-side or top menu and visit all the sections of our website or, if you prefer, you can begin by discovering who we are and what are our interests.

Students are welcome!

If you are a UNIPG student and you are interested in a degree in our field, you may want to check out our thesis outlines.

Se sei interessato/a a svolgere una tesi nel nostro ambito, prova a controllare le proposte di tesi.

Recent news and upcoming events
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