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An Improved Algorithm for On-Chip Clustering and Lossless Data Compression of HL-LHC Pixel Hits

Publication typeConference paper
Year of publication2018
AuthorsGiuseppe Baruffa, Pisana Placidi, Andrea Di Salvo, Sara Marconi, and Andrea Patern├▓
TitleAn Improved Algorithm for On-Chip Clustering and Lossless Data Compression of HL-LHC Pixel Hits
Conference name2018 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference
DateNovember 2018
PlaceSidney, Australia
ISSN number2577-0829
ISBN number978-1-5386-8494-8
Key wordsClustering algorithms,Huffman coding,Collaboration,Data models,Complexity theory
AbstractA prototype chip, called RD53A, has been designed by the RD53 collaboration to face the very high hit and trigger rate requirements (up to 3 GHz/cm2 and 1 MHz, respectively) of the High Luminosity LHC experiment upgrades. In this paper, an improved algorithm for data compression, capable of sustaining the very high data volume and proposed to be implemented in the periphery of the chip, is presented: it exploits Run Length Encoding (RLE) and Variable Length Coding (VLC) to compact chip pixel hit patterns. The compression and decompression algorithms are implemented with MATLAB, and the performance is calculated taking into account the RD53A data readout implementation and its chip simulation and verification framework (called VEPIX53). In all considered cases, the results show that the RLE and VLC combination achieves a data compression ratio between 1.57 and 1.62, resulting in a bitstream size reduction between 36.2% and 38.4% with respect to the rate of the current data transmission format.
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