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Image processing

Basically, we are currently investigating on the following aspects of image processing:

  • Wireless transmission of HD images
  • Error correction tools for JPEG 2000
  • Wavelet video coding

Wireless transmission of HD images

The problem of sending digitally compressed video over noisy or unreliable channels has always been a main concern. We propose to study and investigate novel methods for achieving a reliable delivery of video over a) Bynary Symmetric Channels and b) IP networks.

Error correction tools for JPEG 2000

JPEG 2000 Part 11 aka JPWL is an international draft standard devoted to error recovery in compressed codestreams. We have developed the reference software, which is available in the OpenJPEG repository.

Wavelet video coding

In order to exploit the temporal redundancy between frames of video sequences and the existing JPEG 2000 HW, we have investigated on Motion Compensated Temporal Filtering (MCTF): it allows achieving temporal scalability, may be well integrated with image codecs offering spatial scalability, and has an higher frame rates compatibility (24/48 FPS).

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