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SUITED: Multi-Segment System for Ubiquitous Access to Internet Services and Demonstrator

The convergence of mobile and Internet Protocol (IP) based technologies is now the major driving force behind the research and development of future mobile technologies, services and applications. The SUITED project (1999-2003, the official website is down from some time, use ARCHIVE.ORG) aims to make a significant contribution towards the understanding and development of IP based mobile networks consisting of both satellite and terrestrial (UMTS, GPRS, W-LAN) components. This integrated system is termed the Global Mobile Broadband System (GMBS).

The goals of the project will be achieved through theoretical analysis, where issues including network architecture, Quality of Service and Mobility Management will be addressed, and experimental work.

The project will conclude with a comprehensive series of trials, using an integrated test-bed comprising of a prototype multi-segment infrastructure and a prototype multi-mode mobile terminal, capable of operating seamlessly with both satellite and terrestrial networks. Navigation capabilities will be integrated into the user terminal in order to enhance the performance of personal communication services and physical layer functions.


The project objectives can be summarised as follows:

  • To define the network architecture for the provision of mobile Internet services over complementary satellite and terrestrial wireless segments and both validate the most critical inter-segment procedures and, evaluate the performance.
  • To demonstrate the ability to provide QoS sensitive mobile services on advanced Internet scenarios via a demonstrator, which is representative of a multi-segment, network infrastructure based on the available Internet network upgraded to cope with a service scenario including the mobility and, guaranteed QoS.
  • To develop prototypal, multi-segment user terminals families: car, large vehicles and portable versions.
  • To demonstrate and qualify the service provision with an extensive trial campaign involving complementary satellite and wireless terrestrial components, inter-working with an Internet segment, upgraded to provide support QoS and Mobility.
  • To evaluate the improvement of both communication functions performance and offered services quality by integrating navigation capabilities at terminal level.
  • To expand / further exploit the results of the related ACTS projects: SECOMS/ABATE, ASSET and ACCORD.

Work description

The work has been divided into five work packages

  1. WP 1000 (Project Management)
  2. WP 2000 (Assessment & Evaluation) will control the quality of the performed activities and monitor the coherence with the declared project goals and objectives
  3. WP 3000 (Dissemination & Implementation) will identify other projects which have complementary objectives and share the same cross-programme to set-up individual cross programme cluster(s). The participation to IST working groups will be key activities in that it will be the base for the project's standardisation support activities.
  4. WP 4000 (GMBS Target Specification & Design) will define the capabilities and evaluate the performance of the GMBS. QoS sensitive services to be deployed on the Internet will be considered, and the network architecture will be consequently defined around the provision of such services to the mobile user. The requirement and design of the inter-segment mobility management system will be specified and formally validated. The most critical capabilities related to the inter-working between the Internet and the GMBS for the support of QoS senstive, mobile services will be investigated. The GMBS terminal Spec.& Design will be performed, taking into account the existing standards and system parameters.
  5. WP5000 (GMBS Demonstrator Development & Trials) will design, implement and integrate the elements (IP based network infrastructure and terminals) for the demonstrator system, adopting the specifications worked out in the framework of WP 4000. In particular the representative Internet sub-network will be developed upgrading the existing routers with the most promising protocols for the IP mobility and QoS support. The trials will be performed in open, rural, suburban, urban and indoor environments.


The project milestones are as follows:

  • System and service requirements for the GMBS as part of the new generation broadband mobile Internet.
  • Optimisation of the existing IETF standards for the mobile terrestrial and satellite business users.
  • Definition of the GMBS network architecture and performance evaluation from a service and network perspective.
  • Prototype of the multi-mode terminal families including both a satellite section and wireless terrestrial components.
  • Processing of the results of the validation campaign qualifying the GMBS performance against the required Internet QoS.


  • Alenia Spazio S.p.A.
  • DLR
  • University of Rome "La Sapienza"
  • TTI
  • University of Bradford
  • Siemens AG Austria
  • University of Perugia
  • Acunia
  • Space Software Italia
  • Etnoteam
  • Telital
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