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The EDCine project is an IST FP6 EC-funded project focussing on the optimisation, enhancement and interoperability issues of JPEG 2000 based Digital Cinema. Its temporal timeline extends from July 2006 to July 2009.

EDCine will optimise and improve the DCI specifications in quality, robustness to transmission errors, content security, stereoscopic imaging, live events and transcoding for digital archiving and interactive access on various devices. All optimisations will be validated through subjective evaluations with real users in real theatres.

Our group is mainly involved into two research aspects (workpackages):

  1. WP2 - Source coding: we are investigating existing and novel methods to compress efficiently the kind of high quality images which are used in Digital Cinema. For the existing methods, we are comparing DCI JPEG 2000 and H.264 FRExt, whereas for novelty we are investigating and extending the MCTF (Motion Compensated Temporal Filtering) techniques that are proposed in literature.
  2. WP4 - Networking aspects: this is done in co-operation with the Networking group. Our team is investigating the aspects related to the reliable transmission of JPEG 2000 DCinema sequences over lossy packet networks (i.e., wireless): our solutions are performed at the Application Layer, using JPWL and reliable multicast; on the other side, the networking group is envisaging the "big picture", involving all aspects, even at the lower layers (the physical one is excluded).

The results of this three-year project will come out in a number of publications and internal deliverables, as well as (possibly) in new ideas for the deployment of DCinema.

The cinema in Rennes, France used during the project final phase demonstrations.

The local project responsible is prof. Gianluca Reali.

International partnership

  • (UCL) Université catholique de Louvain, BELGIUM
  • (TCF) Thales Communications, FRANCE
  • (FHG) Fraunhofer, GERMANY
  • (THO) Thomson Technology, FRANCE
  • (DIG) Digilab 2000, ITALY
  • (UPT) University of Poitiers, FRANCE
  • (MOG) MOG Solutions MOG, PORTUGAL
  • (GVF) Grass Valley France, FRANCE
  • (WTW) Winetworks, ISRAEL
  • (TRI) Trinnov Audio, FRANCE
  • (UPG) University of Perugia, ITALY
  • (CRB) Cinématéque Royale de Belgique, BELGIUM
  • (CUGN) Communauté Urbaine du Grand Nancy, FRANCE
  • (DTAG) T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom AG), GERMANY
  • (SJOG) SmartJog, FRANCE
  • (INESC) Inesc Porto, PORTUGAL
  • (FHW) Wiesbaden University of Applied Sciences

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