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5% Multimedialità - User Access Interactive Network

Multimedia communications represent a research area of relevant interest, both from an applied and basic research point of view. This concept stimulated the research project (1999-2003).

The applied research project Multimedia has been funded by the Ministero per l’Istruzione, Università e Ricerca (MIUR) and realised by the Consiglio Nazionale per le Ricerche (CNR) in the framework of efficient cooperation between Research Centers and Industries. The success of this research project was due to the positive interaction between different groups operating in Universities, Research Centers and Industries.

In fact, innovative applications can stimulate basic research and lead to new methodologies necessary to solve new problems, as happened within this activity: so, multimedia over different technologies have been investigated, wireless, photonics and satellite, and significant applications have been tested in different fields, both for mobile and fixed users.

In this regard it is worthwhile recalling, for example, mobile video, business communications, entertainment, user assistance, video learning, digital libraries access, teleworking,and specific applications for mobile radio systems, such as emergency services, intelligent transportation systems, local wireless for industrial applications and mobile television…

Suitable test beds demonstrated some interesting applications (e.g. e-learning and telemeasurement systems) in the mobile, optical, satellite environment, which also were extended to the multimedia for cultural heritage and health care services. Great effort was necessary to organize, fund and actuate the project.

A list of research topics is reported below 

  • hardware aspects
  • source and traffic characterization
  • transmission aspects
  • video processing and transmission
  • dynamic resource allocation
  • tcp/ip over radio
  • personal communications services
  • network security
  • reference scenarios for third generation mobile systems simulations

The final conference showing the main results and test beds was held in Rome in June 2003. All the main results can be duly checked on the website. A CD is also available including the abstracts of the test bed demonstrations on the website.

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