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DVB-TX-IRIS logoIn the framework of cognitive and software radio systems, a relevant role is played by the transmission of video signals over wireless channels. The delivery of video signals, thus, must satisfy important requirements in terms of received visual quality and adoption of standard low-cost receivers.

This DVB-TX-IRIS project, developed by the University of Perugia (UPG), aims at incorporating a digital video transmission functionality into one of the testbeds of the  WiSHFUL H2020 European project, and specifically into the IRIS platform provided by the Trinity College Dublin (TCD). In particular, the proposed DVB-TX-IRIS project consists in integrating a DVB-T-compliant software radio transmitter, into an IRIS module fWishful logoor open availability to all IRIS programmers and users. 

Since IRIS uses the well-known ETTUS USRP N210 device, which is the same hardware device on which we have successfully tested our C-based modulator, the integration of the DVB-T codebase within the UPI provided by IRIS will be feasible within the time framework of the DVB-TX-IRIS project, which is six months. The main outcome of the project will consist in a fully compliant DVB-T software transmitter whose generated signal can be transmitted in real time and received by standard commercial receivers, such as TV sets or USB-based dongles.

Additionally, a typical showcase setup of the DVB-T transmission will be defined for purposes of demonstration and performance assessment. The implemented IRIS DVB-T modules will be fully documented and an instructions manual will be provided.

The developed extension can be downloaded from the WiSHFUL project GitHub repository


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Personnel involved

Paolo Banelli, Giuseppe Baruffa, Luca Rugini



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